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For all of you who want that so and so you want to go out with to get to know you better, but you can't figure out how to talk to them, read the following.

To Have Someone Call You

Put a glass of water in the middle of your altar. Pour two or three teaspoons of salt into your dominant hand, and use it to make 3 equal armed crosses over the glass allowing some salt to fall into the water while doing this chant: 

Hear me, call me get in touch
We need to talk please hurry rush!
Expect to hear from the person by the time the water evaporates. 


Another Spell To Have Someone Call You

Firmly push a needle into the center of a yellow un-anointed candle until the eye is flush with the candle. Inscribe the persons name onto the candle using your athame or a pin, light the wick. The person will usually call before the candle burns halfway down.

The Phone Charm

Take a piece of fine writing paper, inscribe the person's name twice in a circle to make the ends meet. As you do this concentrate on their face and your desire for them to call you, then while still concentrating put a needle through the circle then place the charm by the phone.  In either 5 minutes or 5 days your call will come, depending on how much energy you put into it! 


To Communicate With Someone

Write a personal, positive meaningful letter to someone you desire to contact. Light a candle and burn the letter. As it burns, visualize the persons face and the goal of the message you want to send. Concentrate on that and what manner you would like the letter to be received in.

The Bay Leaf Communication Spell

To hear from someone by phone, write his/her name on a Bay leaf and tape it to the underside of the phone, chant:
(Name of person) call me-phone now ring
To my ears (name of person) voice now bring


To Communicate With Others

Write a letter to a distant friend (or whoever you wish to call you) as if you were going to mail it. Next light a blazing hot fire and throw the letter into it firmly visualizing the person's face. You should receive a reply soon.


To Get Someone to Call You

Take a piece of parchment or fine quality writing paper and inscribe the name of the target. Write it in a circle twice, so the ends meet. As you do this, concentrate on the person's face and your desire that they call you. Then, while still concentrating, put a needle through the center of the circle created by the name. Place the charm by the phone.

The call will come within 5 minutes or 5 days, depending on how well the spell was cast and how much will power was used. This spell is wonderfully effective and practical!


Make Someone Dream of You by Silver Ravenwolf

Do you ever want to get an important message through to someone, but you just don't know how to do it?

Here is what you do:

1. Determine precisely what it is you want them to hear, or perhaps feel. Write down your wish on a piece of paper in simple sentence form.

2. Make a dream pillow using a small square of fabric and a little batting. Throw in a pinch of lavender and rosemary. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end.

3. Put the dream pillow on your altar. Do an altar devotion to center yourself, then create sacred space. Cast a circle and call the quarters if you like, but is isn't necessary.

4. Center yourself, then hold your hands over the dream pillow and say the following:

Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, I stand before your sacred shrine. This person won't listen or hear My words tickle at deafened ear. Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Send a dream, awaken the mind. Through his/her vision he/she lives The nightmare/passion/lesson he/she so freely gives. Holy Mother, Goddess Divine Send them your enchanted design Clear out the cobwebs, tear down walls Carry my message through spirit calls.

Feel free to change the incantation to suit your purpose.


Spell to Communicate With Someone

Light a blue candle.

Write a personal, positive, and meaningful letter to someone you desire to contact. Burn the letter in the candle flame (careful!). As it burns, visualize the person's face and the goal or message you want to send. Toss some thyme, yarrow, or cinnamon on the burned letter. Concentrate on what manner you hope to receive their response. Pick up the remains and scatter the ashes and herbs to the wind.

(Also: Do NOT attempt to use this spell to communicate with the dead.)


Spell for contacting a friend Rowan Moonstone

This spell should be used to cause someone with whom you have lost contact to contact you. It is not manipulation so much as an astral call for contact when you have no other way to reach them that you know of. You will need: White candle annointed w/ sandalwood oil Sandalwood incense photo of the person small glass of water. salt Light the white candle and the incense. Place the picture of the person on your altar. Put 2 heaping tablespoons of salt in the palm of your right hand. Let a small amount of salt trickle into the glass while making the sign of the equal armed cross of the elements. Make this cross 3 times. Say " Call me" three times as yo do this. Then set the glass on the altar and say "Get in touch with me, please." They should contact you by the time the water has evaporated from the glass.

Three Times Three Spell To have someone see his errors

This is a three times three spell to use on people who were corrupt in their ways. It has no negative consequence unless you think ill of the person while casting the spell.

Wind in the north, run through the trees
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Sands of the east, rich soils beneath
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Fires in the south, awaken from sleep
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Water of the west, flow to the seas
Three times three, set them free, set them free

It works best if you have something representing that person, like a strand of their hair or a fingernail. The spell may not work instantaneously, you may have to repeat it for the person to see error in their ways. Please be sure you're not being hypocritical, because that may cause negative feedback.. So, all warnings given, blessed be!



These spells are not meant to harm only to put a stop to gossip! 


On a Monday night when the moon is waning, burn a black candle. While the candle is burning repeat the following verse 9 times:

Let these fools be silenced
May there babble be cancelled
May peace be mind, now and evermore

(Repeat for 7 nights)



Write the name and full birthdate of your enemy on a piece of Slippery Elm Bark and say:
(Name of person) now be silent
Let your bitter tongue be broken
(Name of person) now be silent
Let no evil words be spoken
So mote it be!

Bury the cloth covered bark in a forest or graveyard at night, by the light of a pale waning moon, as you visualize that person unable to speak, whenever he or she wants to spread gossip about you.


Needed: Black felt
Needle and Thread
Cotton or Polyester stuffing
1 Tablespoon Slippery Elm
Purple Embroidery Floss

Using the black felt cut out a poppet (it only needs to look like a gingerbread cookie!) cut a slit in the fabric for a mouth and stuff it with the Slippery Elm. Sew the mouth shut with a 6 stranded piece of embroidery floss. As you sew chant:
Your mouth is closed, you cannot speak
No gossip, slander or havoc wreak
Your mouth stay shut, but only until
I speaks of friendship and goodwill

Place the poppet in the box, stuff the box with papers to force the poppetsface into the corner. Leaving the poppet like this removes the urge to gossip. 



To stop gossip rub Deerstongue herb on the soles of your shoes !


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