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For all your gothic fineries.


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Last update: Monday
February 12, 2001

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the shoppe!

     We are striving to be one of the best places for shopping online for your favorite Gothic accessories! Some of the products we offer to you include cigarette holders and cases, gothic books and music, original artwork, hair care products and more.

Customer Comments

Angel Wylde
    Writing this, I've been using this shampoo exclusively for nearly a month, and less than a quarter of it is gone. What makes this product cost-effective is the concentration, if you use more than a dime-size portion, you'll be lathering all day long. It goes seemingly forever!

    Let me tell you what magical things the hair care products have done for me! I went from looking like Juliette Lewis to a really neat Cher/Bettie Page hybrid lookalike. Not to mention the minute I light up with my elegant cigarette holder, everyone assumes I'm a movie star and asks for my autograph! Thanks Leonardo!

      TheGothicShoppe is pleased to announce our new products for the holidays. Receive special offers on Jewelry Items until January 30th. Also be sure to check out one of our classy new Cigarette Holders.

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