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Simple Wish Spell from Moonscents and Magickal Blends

You may use this only three times in between the new moons.

While gazing at the moon, repeat the following:

"Moon, moon, beautiful moon, brighter that any star, Goddess of light and love, Diana if it might be, pray bring fortune unto me".

A sign that the spell worked would be coins doubling in the purse or pocket, or seeing a hare before dawn. Note: The spell won't work if done with evil intent.


Finding that Which is Lost

You may burn incense made of herbs that symbolizing finding lost things. (See the herb list.) For added emphasis, invoke Saint Anthony into the spell.

"Bound and Binding
Binding Bound.
See the Sight
Hear the Sound.
What was lost
Now is found.
Bound and Binding
Binding Bound."


Cloud Eye Rite

This is a version of a rite by an unknown author which involves transfering one's 'essence' to another form, such as a rainbow, an animal, another person, a cloud, even a tree. In this case, you move your perception to a cloud.

You will need:

  • An open space
  • Dry ice
  • Passivity

Open by whatever means feels appropriate. (You might just cast a circle.)

Set the dry ice in the center of the working area.

Participants circle deosil around the ice, chanting "Ka-ao-opua-loa" (the sharp-pointed living cloud). In the Hawaiian legends, this was the name of the kupua of the cloud people.

Circling and chanting continue for 10-15 minutes, at the end of which all sit down in a circle as close to the ice as possible.

All stare into the fog rising from the ice until tunnel vision sets in (the field of vision goes black except for the object focused upon).

At the moment that tunnel vision occurs, say:

"As below, so above
The cloud is in my eye
Ka-ao-opua-loa carry my sight"

Participants begin spinning at increasing speed with eyes closed, all the while repeating:


When spinning is no longer possible, partcipants lie on their backs and open the eyes completely (no squinting) and focus on the first cloud they see.

All repeat:

"As above, so below
My eye is in the cloud
Phenomenize the cloud-eye"

Visualize a fog exactly like that rising from the dry ice leaving the eyes and rushing up to join with the clouds. Observe it entirely passively, and with the inner voice repeat:

"This self is Tenfemet-Douck,
The cloud that sees."

When tunnel vision again sets in, close the eyes and open them again quickly. Look down over the terrain that passes below your cloud-eye. Note details if desired, but do not attempt to influence direction or speed of motion. All control of these should be left to the wind.

When you have achieved your desired results, switch out of the passive mode and attempt to influence direction or speed. Find yourself back in your human body looking up at the clouds.

Banish by laughter, and leave the circle.


Ritual for Peace

Design this ritual to suit your needs. Choose candle colors that represent the things you seek peace for (e.g., maybe green and brown for peace on earth).

"From out of the dark and into the light
A circular mark, a candle burns bright.
I look towards the song do I sing.
Spirits soar high and gifts do I bring.
I offer my all! My mind, I then clear
Harken my call! I feel you are near!
Candle burns higher; my spirits set free!
Hotter than fire, this magick will be!
Let magick come 'round, from under the ground,
To form with my sound and then, to be bound!
Around me I feel the magick so real,
Before you I kneel.. the spell I now seal!
Let all hatred CEASE! And let there be PEACE!
These words that I say, with magick AWAY!
This spell that I send is now at an end.
Let the magick I've laid, go forth and not fade!


The gateway rite

This rite comes from a Druidic Illumination Rite. Its purpose is to open a "gateway" to another realm in order to gain insight into that realm. One should perform the rite at a threshhold time. Threshhold times are particular moments in which the druids believed that the barriers/veils between our realm and others was thinner than usual. These times were dawn, high noon, dusk, and midnight. The "holy" days (i.e. The Vernal Equinox, Midsummer, Samhain, Yule...) were particularly appropriate for gateway rites.

Before beginning the actual rite, have ready the following:

  • A site to perform the rite (preferably outdoors)
  • A desired location or realm to visit
  • A mental representation/symbolization of that realm
  • Several handfuls of dried herbs (Datura, Niteshade (Belladonna), Juniper or Hemp are recommended). The incense is optional, but will greatly enhance the mood.

The rite

  1. Arrive at your site one-half hour before the threshhold moment. Spend some time getting into the mood of the realm you desire to visit. Light a small fire (use charcoals if necessary).
  2. Begin with a basic banishing. The Rite of Three Rays is very appropriate here, but the GPR would also work. (I have described the Rite of Three Rays below)
  3. Statement Of Intent: "It is our will to open a gateway to ____________".
  4. Open Vortex. Instead of concluding the Vortex with "Xiqual Choyofaque" intone the following Charm of Making three times:

    During each round of the charm, cast a handfull of the incense upon the embers of the fire.

  6. Each participant should then move to a comfortable space, allowing pleanty of room for all. Strongly visualize a Trilithon. (This is the typical Stonehendge rock formation composed of two verticle stones with a rock crossbar on top.) On the top crossbar, visualize the symbol of the gateway you have chosen to open.
  7. When you have clearly visualized this image for several minutes, imagine yourself moving through the gateway and into the realm.
  8. After each individual has completed hir vision, close the vortex and banish by laughter.


The rite of three days

This Rite is the equivalent of a druidic Gnostic Pentagram Ritual. Instead of the Pentagram, it uses a form known as the "Awen", which is three rays eminating from a central point.

The right ray represents the mascculine attributes of the Sun, the left ray represents the femine attributes of the Moon, and the center ray (the crystal ray) represents both and neither, the ray of possibility.

To perform the rite, one raises hir arms above the head, taking in a deep breath. As you lower your arms, intone the vowel "I". Make sure that your breath ends just as your arms hit your side. Repeat this last step, except intone "A" as you lower your arms. Again, repeat this step, but intone "O". Finally, repeat the step, but intone all three sounds (I, A, O) together into one continuous sound and breath. Picture the rays as you draw them. The "I" is the left ray, the "A" is the middle ray, and the "O" is the right ray.


Tool Consecration
Incense (in the east)
White candle (in the south)
Small bowl of water (in the west)
Small bowl of salt or earth (in the north)

Cast the circle

Before these spirits, I bring (name of tool) to be dedicated to the service of the Lady and the Lord.

Pass the tool three times through the smoke of the incense, saying:
By power of air, be purified.
Be dedicated to purity, that all goals you help acheive may harm none and be for good of all.

Pass the tool three times through the flame of the candle, saying:
By power of fire, be purified.
Be dedicated to desire, that all goals you help acheive may harm none and be for good of all.

Sprinkle a few drops of water on the instrument, saying:
By power of water, be purified.
Be dedicated to emotion, that you be used in a spirit of harmony, harming none and for good of all.

Touch instrument to the earth or salt, saying:
By power of earth, be purified.
Be dedicated to steadfastness, that my will be acheived without wavering, with harm to none and for good of all.

Presentation to the Lord and Lady
If this is a chalice, present it first to the Lady, then to the Lord. If it is an athame, reverse the order. All other instruments, use your own preference, but it is a courtesy to present to Her first.
Presentation of Chalice
Lady, bless this chalice, let it be a vessel of productivity that may be worthy to reside in circle with you.
Let it be so bound that no harm may come of it to any being.
To thy service, I dedicate this vessel, that it and I may be long of service to thee.
Lord, bless this chalice that it may bring forth joy and purity.
Guard the works which come forth from it, that they harm none and be ever in the service of thee.
So Mote it Be!

Presentation of Athame
Great Lord, bless this athame. Let it be pure for thy service and bind it so that no harm may come of it to any being.
Lord, bless this athame, that it be used always in the worship and honor of the One.
Lady, bless this athame that it may bring forth joy and purity, and shall cause no harm to any being.
I dedicate this athame to thy service, Great One.
So Mote it Be!

Release the circle


Wishing spell

Take five stones and place them in the corners of a pentagle, then recite the spell. "Stones of dark stones of light May they be as light of day or as dark as night. You may do my bidding the 5 of you Doing my wishes but they must be true. Then burn a small black mark on each one with a candle. Then each night make a wish to one of them.


Reversal of a spell

Take a hand held mirror and simply turn around completely in a circle with the mirror reflecting outward from you and say: "circle of reflection cicle of protection may the sender of all harm feel the power of this charm"


To Quiet a Noisy House

Powder some dragon's blood, and in a small bottle, mix it with sugar and salt. Cover tightly and secure it someplace in the home where it will not be seen or disturbed. This will help keep things peaceful and quiet.


For A Peaceful Home

Gather freshly cut parsley and place it in a pan of water. Let it soak for nine minutes, and then sprinkle the water throughout the house while visualizing a calm environment. Peace will be restored.


To Attract Customers to a Business or Visitors to a Home

Make a fine powder out of some basil leaves and sprinkle them around the main enterence to the home or place of business. It is believed that only good and friendly people will enter, since it supposedly repels those who intend harm toward the workers of a business or the occupants of a home.


Book return spell

This is to be used when you have lost a book or have loaned it out and not gotten it back. Visualize the book. Visualize yourself tying a silver cord around the book snugly. Now start to pull on the cord, continue pulling until the book is in your hands. If the book does not show up in the next few days, realize that maybe it wasn't meant to come back to you. Can also be used for other lost items.


To go on a journey

Take a plain piece of paper (preferably yellow) and hold it in your projective hand. Face east and say "This is my tool of transportation". Repeat to the south, west, and north. Now write your destination on the paper- use large letters and be very specific. Visualize yourself AT your destination as you write. Draw the magickal symbol for travel several times around your destination. Press your projective hand against the paper. Strongly visualize yourself at destination again. Fold the paper into an airplane- any design, but it must fly. Visualize yourself at your destination as you fold. Go outside or near an open window and say this nine times "Gusting winds, blowing strong- Send me where I belong. Element of air, take me there!" At the end of the ninth repetition, launch the airplane, releasing the energy you have raised as you launch. Retrieve the plane and hang it in a high place with a yellow thread. Take the plane with you on your trip. After returning, or settling if this is your new home, tear up the plane. This spell works for all types of travel, not just air travel.


Ice Cube Spell

This spell is for when you wish to put something on hold. Fill a plastic cup, a ziploc baggie, etc. with water. Charge the water with the item/emotion/ etc. you wish to put on hold. Freeze. When you are ready to deal with this item, thaw. Ice cube tray not recommended, as someone might use the ice.


An All purpose Candle Spell:

This is a quick uncomplicated ritual designed to be used for all positive purposes. You'll need one candle of the appropriate colour, one holder, and matches. When you are ready to begin, hold the candle between the palms of your hands. Breathe deeply. Visualize your goal. Push personal, programmed power into the candle between your hands. Feel the energy streaming into the candle. Say approriate words if you wish simply stating what you need to occur. Place the candle in it's holder. Strike a match above the candle and draw down the flame toward the candle. Light the wick. Put the still flaming match into a heat proof container, or just extinguish it. Hold your hands around the candle's flame. Feel the energy. Vizualize strongly. Leave the area and let the candle do it's work.


Simple Funerary Rite:

You will need a firesafe bowl, a half cup of wine a stick of incense, a white candle and a photo of the person if possible. If you can do so, do this out doors. If not, inside is fine. Sit on the ground/floor. Light the candle and the stick of incense that remids you of your friend. If you have a photo of of him, set it infrount of you. If not, hold the image of your friend firmly in your mind. Take a small fire safe bowl filled with wine. Warm the wine ofer the candle flame. Visualizing your friend surrounded by a soft white glow, wish him well on his journey and assure him you will see him again in your senxt life. Drink the wine and let yourself remember all the wonderful things you and he shared.



This is usually used during New Moon Rituals. Facing the specific direction and holding out your athame, wand, knife or whatever and feeling the energy flow from that element call it:

To the East, I summon the forces of Air,

To blow out the old and bring in the new on your winds of change

To the South I summon the forces of Fire,

To burn away regrets And shine your gentle rays upon me for growth.

To the West, I summon the forces of Water,

To clense me of negitivity And purify my thoughts

To the North, I summon the forces of Earth,

Let your renewing strength bury all ills And open new paths before me.

When your are finished with your spell, release the circle exactly opposite of the way you cast it. Pull the circle back into your athame or whatever tool and release and thank any spirits or elements you have called


Nasi Spell to see visons in a flame.





Write this seal, as it appears, on white paper or parchment with black ink to see visons in a flame.


Hamag Thunder Spell to cause thunder.






Write this seal, as it appears, on white paper or parchment with black ink to cause thunder.


Hyssop Divination Spell

Annoint a mirror with olive oil. Rub with hyssop leaves. Have a virgin female look into the mirror. In her mind's eye she will see the future.


Pemphredo's Mirror Divination Spell

Purple candle

Patchouli oil

Frankincense incense

Myrrh incense


At midnight light a purple candle that has been annointed with Patchouli oil. Light the Frankincense and Myrrh incenses. Gaze into the mirror until you see the future in your mind's eye.


Pemphredo's Little-people Drawing Spell

Green candle

Pine incense

Patchouli oil

1 oz good whiskey

During the nights of the New and Full moon, annoint the Green candle with the Patchouli oil. Put out the shot of whiskey for the little people. Light the incense and candles. Repeat until the mischievous pranksters are running amuck in your house. DON'T FORGET to tell them to harm none when they leave.


Pemphredo's Jealousy Spell

Yellow candle

Cinnamon oil

Clove oil

Inscribe the name of the one you want to make jealous on the yellow candle. Annoint the candle with cinnamon and clove oil. WASH YOUR HANDS IMMEDIATELY!!! Both these oils can be irritating to the skin. After cleaning your hands, light the yellow candle to ignite a flame of jealousy.


To Have Dreams Of The Deceased

You will need:
1 white candle
A picture of the deceased
A pentagram
Light the white candle and stare at the flame for a few minutes. Then put the picture at eye level and say:
You are gone forever;
But through this spell,
My dreams to which
you will come.
Place the picture under your pillow. Let the candle burn to a stub, blow it out, and place it under your pillow also. Sleep with them under your pillow for three nights to recieve the dream you want

Nightmare Spell

I was plagued by the same bad dream night after night for over a month and I decided to do something about it. This spell was given to me by a fellow witch's grandmother (who is also a witch) and I elaborated on it. (author)

Items required:

scarf (white or cream colors work best)
4 cloves
pinch of basil
pinch of ground sage
lavender or vanilla oil (whatever you find more soothing)
black marker
white ribbon
Step 1
Lay the scarf out. You will be putting spices into it.
Step 2
Place the spices (ground sage, 4 cloves, basil) into the scarf and add 2 drops of oil.
Step 3
Gather the scarf at the top (like a moneybag) and tie it with the ribbon
Step 4
On the outside of the scarf draw the nightmare that plagues you (e.g. spiders, falling)
Step 5
Place the scarf under your pillow and sleep with it there.
This cured me of my nightmares. I hope it works for others.


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